EQONEX Capital

EQONEX Capital delivers innovative financial products that facilitate growth in digital asset investing

EQONEX Capital is a boutique advisory firm focused on the securitization of hard assets, private equity LPs, and direct investments leveraging blockchain technology. EQONEX Capital enables the issuance of digital securities and other innovative products*, that will be supported by EQONEX Exchange and Digivault.

Customizable and flexible digital securities that promote greater transferability, transparency, and liquidity options

Protocol agnostic with a focus on Ethereum (ERC 20 and ERC 1400)

Regulatory focus–multiple licenses for distribution cross border*

*Appointed representative of a FCA (UK) regulated entity for Corporate Finance and Securities distribution across 11 markets in Europe. Signed distribution agreements in Japan and Singapore with license holders for Capital Markets Services. License application underway for the same in Dubai (Category 4).