EQONEX’s Asset Management Business Records Strong Performance, Reflecting Growing Institutional Interest in Crypto

December 15, 2021
EQONEX Asset Management Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

Strong business performance, increasing regulatory clarity and a growing institutional appetite for crypto market exposure have proven to be the catalyst for impressive performance and strong levels of interest in EQONEX SA, the asset management arm of digital assets financial services company EQONEX Group (NASDAQ: EQOS).

EQONEX SA was created in November 2019 to provide qualified investors with access to the unique alpha opportunities created by inefficiencies found in crypto markets. Since January 2021, the business has grown 10-fold in assets, and today oversees more than 30 million USD. The Early Bird fee class will close after 1 January 2022.

“Our team has been actively researching the crypto space since 2018, before making our first investments exactly two years ago, in late 2019. Since that time, our investment program has delivered a novel way to access market neutral strategies and a well-diversified portfolio underpinned by trusted expert managers. Our investors benefit from the opportunity to become involved in crypto without the volatility of directional investments, and with the reassurance that managers have passed rigorous due diligence and ongoing evaluation,” said Shane Edwards, Head of Investment Products at EQONEX Group.

“We have met with and reviewed more than 400 managers and teams that are active in crypto strategies to identify an investible universe of around 80 funds. The breadth and scope of today’s industry is revealing and offers a unique opportunity for alpha extraction. We are seeing more and more experienced traders deploying strategies, which is very encouraging for the future,” said Thomas Chladek, Bletchley Park Portfolio Manager.

“EQONEX SA offers a unique value proposition in the marketplace, bringing together a team with unparalleled industry expertise with the power of the broader EQONEX cryptocurrency ecosystem which provides regulated infrastructure and products. The business has realized fantastic performance metrics on a predominantly market neutral strategy, demonstrating why traditional hedge fund investors are increasingly looking towards crypto alpha strategies,” said Richard Byworth, CEO of EQONEX Group.

EQONEX SA is operated with institutional-grade governance processes and a risk centric approach with a focus on liquid opportunities.

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